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  baraju_SuperHit@twitter: సినీ, రాజకీయ రంగాల్లో సరికొత్త చరిత్ర సృష్టించి తెలుగు వారి హృదయాల్లో సుస్థిర స్థానాన్ని పొందిన మహా శక్తి, మహోన్నత…
  RGVzoomin@twitter: My friendly advise to all family members of mega family tree is to not even try to gain the thundering success of…
  idlebraindotcom@twitter: Hero Dhanush and Aishwarya ( D/O Rajnikanth) break up!
  idlebraindotcom@twitter: Actress Poonam Bajwa rises temperature ?
  RGVzoomin@twitter: In future in entire india all the members of the mega family will be known only as just @alluarjun ‘s relatives
  RGVzoomin@twitter: Without doubt @alluarjun is modern day @rajinikanth due to his intrinsic conviction and outrinsic attitude ..Simply…
  RGVzoomin@twitter: Though he is not directly connected to the mega blood tree , @alluarjun is the only MEGA in the MEGA FAMiLY and he will soon become OMEGA
  greatandhranews@twitter: After 18 Years Of Togetherness Dhanush & Aishwaryaa announced Divorce! 'Dhanush 'Aishwaryaa
  baraju_SuperHit@twitter: 'Dhanush and 'AishwaryaDhanush decided to part ways as a couple Official statement from @dhanushkraja
  greatandhranews@twitter: CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has held a review meeting on prevailing Covid situation & decided to write a letter to the…