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•  RGVzoomin@twitter: WowwwwwFuckingWowwww🙏🙏🙏 #Prabhas is looking like GOD CAME DOWN TO EARTH🙏🙏🙏   - twitter -  Jun 13th, 2019
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: A stupid criminal will aim to become a successful criminal ..An intelligent criminal will use crime to become legal…   - twitter -  Jun 13th, 2019
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: The only difference between us and ants is the size of the relative perspective and the height of the objective re…   - twitter -  Jun 11th, 2019
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: Hey ⁦@karanjohar⁩ the poster is looking WOW! Can’t wait to see the intense ⁦@vickykaushal09⁩ in this genre 👍👍👍   - twitter -  Jun 10th, 2019
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: Is the young seeking strength from the old or is the old being led by the young? ..Either way this is an incredibly…   - twitter -  Jun 9th, 2019
•  Geetha Govindam girl making digital debut   - tollywoodnet -  Jun 9th, 2019
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: PK saying he lost becos 150cr given to voters is a real insult to voters bcos he’s saying people who he wants to s…   - twitter -  Jun 9th, 2019
•  telugufilmnagar@twitter: #NivethaPethuraj roped in for #AA19 @alluarjun #Trivikram @hegdepooja @MusicThaman #PSVinod @GeethaArts @vamsi8480…   - twitter -  Jun 7th, 2019
•  Geetha Madhuri's Husband Turns Sports Anchor   - gulte -  Jun 7th, 2019
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: Hearty Congrats to Anil BORUGADDA for being appointed as the National Vice Chairman(india) for WORLD HUMAN RIGHTS C…   - twitter -  Jun 7th, 2019
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: I wish his thoughts were atleast half as long as this table 🙄   - twitter -  Jun 4th, 2019
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: Wowwww!   - twitter -  Jun 2nd, 2019
•  Koratala To Bankroll Mahesh Movie With Geetha Govindam Director   - sakshipost -  Jun 2nd, 2019
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: నా లాగా డైరెక్టుగా ఓపెన్గా మాట్లాడే ధైర్యం లేక సోషల్ మీడియాలోను ఫోన్లలోను దాక్కుని మొరిగే మీ లాంటి పిరికిపందల వార్…   - twitter -  Jun 1st, 2019
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: నా ఫోన్ నెంబర్ ఎక్కడో పట్టుకుని,అందరికీ షేర్ చేసి, వాట్సాప్ప్ గ్రూపుల వెనక, లతివియా లాంటి పనికిమాలిన దేశాల సిమ్ కా…   - twitter -  Jun 1st, 2019
•  Telugu360@twitter: .@RGVzoomin ‘s poor publicity stunts couldn’t help Yesterday’s release Lakshmi’s NTR has no trace in AP   - twitter -  Jun 1st, 2019
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: There seems to be a misunderstanding in some people that #KammaRajyamLoKadapaRedlu is targeting Kammas..I want to c…   - twitter -  May 31st, 2019
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: Oho? 79% aa? Abbaa? Does this mean even TDP party people also want @tarak9999 only ? Or are they just 21% ? ..Jus…   - twitter -  May 31st, 2019
•  RGVs Tweets About Jr NTR And NBK Take Social Media By Storm   - oneindia -  May 31st, 2019
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: ఎండలకి కాదు, రెడ్లకి భయపడి కమ్మోళ్ళు బయటకి రావట్లేదంట #KammaRajyamLoKadapaRedlu   - twitter -  May 31st, 2019
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: I request u @tarak9999 just as an NTR fan, not to join the backstabber of ur grandfather, like the way ur babai did…   - twitter -  May 30th, 2019
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: TDP party will be much greater with its leader as TARAK? @tarak9999   - twitter -  May 30th, 2019
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: Hey @tarak9999 if u have any respect for ur grandfather , u should save the TDP party NTR founded from the man who…   - twitter -  May 30th, 2019
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: Cuteness mixed with attitude and stirred in confidence ⁦@urstrulyMahesh⁩ is truly a born superstar   - twitter -  May 30th, 2019
•  Angry Mahesh Called Off Geetha Arts Project?   - gulte -  May 30th, 2019
•  Bhairava Geetha Back 2 Back Video Songs With English Translation | RGV | Dhananjaya | Irra Mor   - degaview -  May 30th, 2019
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: KAMMA Vijayawada Novotel Hotel moththam KADAPA Redla mayam #KammaRajyamLoKadapaRedlu   - twitter -  May 30th, 2019
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: Landing in Vijaywada in an hour to attend the mega event of AP starring ⁦@ysjagan⁩ 💐💐💐   - twitter -  May 30th, 2019
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: Proud of my niece ⁦@shravyavarma⁩ for being on a success road from being a costume designer to a producer to sharin…   - twitter -  May 29th, 2019
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: For the first time ever I am attending a political event , the swearing in ceremony of @ysjagan as the new CM of An…   - twitter -  May 29th, 2019
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