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•  RGVzoomin@twitter: His lafoot outward fans distracting him from realising his real strength is inward fans who don't shout and throw paper in theatres   - twitter -  14 min. ago
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: His fans 3 to 5 followers including family members won't take one rupee out of pocket but have opinions on crores of losses of others   - twitter -  14 min. ago
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: Real ultimate power star is @superstarrajini who cares about exhibitors losing and returning money to them becos he failed to deliver   - twitter -  14 min. ago
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: @KicchaSudeep is the only star who doesn't need slow motion shots to make him look like star becos even in 24 frames he looks 240 frames👍   - twitter -  54 min. ago
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: If the Great Americans can do this to themselves we should excuse the poor Indians for Arvind Kejriwal   - twitter -  54 min. ago
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: Wow I just heard Steven Spielberg,James Cameron and Christopher Nolan asked for a special screening of KR ..Congrats to him and his fans👍   - twitter -  1 hr. 23 min. ago
•  My Career Started As RGVs Statement - Suma Kanakala || Koffee With Yamuna Kishore   - degaview -  5 hr. 4 min. ago
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: Wars may be fought with weapons but they are won by minds .The mind that invents the weapon or controls it is more dangerous than the weapon   - twitter -  9 hr. 23 min. ago
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: @kamaalrkhan U copied @SrBachchan dialogue😜..Govindaaaaa!   - twitter -  9 hr. 23 min. ago
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: His fans are delusionally illusional and it's their blind dumbness which causes their leaders blind deafness   - twitter -  22 hr. 23 min. ago
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: Top line of bottomline is maid told KR is better than Avatar and BB2 trailer..since BB 2 dint release yet,he shud watch 100 million views   - twitter -  22 hr. 23 min. ago
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: My driver is asking why exhibitor sena is not asking Jana sena's Buffaloes about what they shouldn't ask Pk to ask what he shouldn't ask   - twitter -  Mar 24th, 2017
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: G Rakeshwar told instead of being proud of marrying thrice he shud produce atleast 1 good .dint know what he dint mean. I hope u dint too   - twitter -  Mar 24th, 2017
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: I disagree with Subba rao becos I think they are worse than worst in being better than the best of worst   - twitter -  Mar 24th, 2017
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: Subba Rao told me his fans are not even Bullocks .they are sheep .becos bullocks atleast have thick skin and his fans don't even have that   - twitter -  Mar 24th, 2017
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: It's just amazing,what all creative things people do out there ..SARKAR meets KINGKONG   - twitter -  Mar 22nd, 2017
•  RGV’s Sarkar 3 lands in Trouble: Release Pushed   - telugu360 -  Mar 22nd, 2017
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: Tu jitna bhi bada sher hai,kam se kam tere aurat ke poonch ko tera pyar dikhana padtha hai ..aur poonch ke aage ka…   - twitter -  Mar 21st, 2017
•  RGV About Fear - భయం | Full Episode | Ramuism 2nd Dose | Ramuism | Telugu   - degaview -  Mar 20th, 2017
•  amitabh casts amit sadh in rgv’s sarkar 3   - tollywoodnet -  Mar 20th, 2017
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: I dint get it but I got it that I dint get it that I dint get it   - twitter -  Mar 19th, 2017
•  RGV About Fear (Bhayam) - భయం - Promo | Ramuism 2nd Dose | Ramuism | Telugu   - degaview -  Mar 18th, 2017
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: Ee figureni choosi Tollywood lo yenthamandhi aatma hatya chesukuntaro ani bhayamgaa vundhi😟   - twitter -  Mar 17th, 2017
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: Mumbai Loni 5 athi peddha companylu Prabhas ni multiple films ki sign cheyyataaniki okalla tho okallu debbaladukuntunnayi   - twitter -  Mar 16th, 2017
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: BB2 tharvatha tollywoodlo powerfulest mega superstarlandariki kooda Prabhas kaali gotinandukovataaniki rendunnara janmalu paduthundhi   - twitter -  Mar 16th, 2017
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: Tollywood powerful starlu national ga try chesi ghoramga fail ayyi regional ayipoyaru .Prabhas rendu debbalatho international star ayipoyadu   - twitter -  Mar 16th, 2017
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: In BB 2 trailer Prabhas is looking more beautiful than ten thousand beautiful girls   - twitter -  Mar 16th, 2017
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: BB2 trailerni Prapanchamantha jai kodutunna tollywood matram super silentgaa vundataaniki kaaranam Kullu samudramlo munigipovadam moolana   - twitter -  Mar 16th, 2017
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: @ssrajamouli Sirrrrr we all should thank uuuuuuu for taking Indian cinema to stratospheric level 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏   - twitter -  Mar 16th, 2017
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: Trailer of not the Mother of Movies,but the Fucking Grandmother of Movies..A MegaBahubalian Salute to @ssrajamouli   - twitter -  Mar 16th, 2017
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