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•  RGVzoomin@twitter: @kamaalrkhan This just means that whether films will become hit or not ..All ur reviews become super hits   - twitter -  Jan 18th, 2017
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: Just saw 150 ..Mega Star is beyond Mega Mega Mega Fantastic ..150 million Cheers to him ..👍😘🙏👌😍   - twitter -  Jan 18th, 2017
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: Mega Star's Energy levels are SUPREME and he's looking younger than when he left films some 9 years back ..He's looking MEGA HANDSOME👍👍👍   - twitter -  Jan 18th, 2017
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: I don't feel so humbled because I don't think much of the company around me😔   - twitter -  Jan 17th, 2017
•  RanaDaggubati@twitter: Thank you so much Ramu uncle!!   - twitter -  Jan 14th, 2017
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: With Borrowed Story one film took telugu cinema 10 years back and GPSK took it 10 years forward with a 2000 year old original story   - twitter -  Jan 12th, 2017
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: @DirKrish n Balayya respect audiences intelligence and so made a pathbreaking film instead of serving same old formula stuff   - twitter -  Jan 12th, 2017
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: Balayya in his 100th film only seems to have become 150 times more Mega advanced in terms of great cinema #GPSK   - twitter -  Jan 12th, 2017
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: What Bahubali started GPSK is taking telugu cinema way more forward and even now if Mega people don't realise they might become Mini   - twitter -  Jan 12th, 2017
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: @RanaDaggubati 😘😘😘😘😘😘Suuuuperbbbbbb..ur face is showing as much intensity as ur body is showing strength👍👍👍   - twitter -  Jan 10th, 2017
•  Chiranjeevi Reacts on RGV’s Tweets   - moviearts -  Jan 9th, 2017
•  RGV About Godmen - బాబా - Full Episode | Ramuism 2nd Dose | Ramuism | Telugu   - degaview -  Jan 9th, 2017
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: NB Saar GPSK is our states extraordinary history ..150 is u corrupting Mega to copy some other states creativity..Wish he had better brother   - twitter -  Jan 8th, 2017
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: @DirKrish sir if u are truly really a Anjana Putra have the guts to tell who is greater between B and C and don't be a MC in BCing about it   - twitter -  Jan 8th, 2017
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: Hey @DirKrish after show of GPSK of 4 u signed I know one is with AK but I also heard from reliable source one is with SK ..can u confirm?   - twitter -  Jan 8th, 2017
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: NB ninna antha arichi ivvala intha silentgaa vundataaniki kaaranam, thelu pilla kuttindha? Vaana paamu karichindha?   - twitter -  Jan 8th, 2017
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: I wish the same sirrrr..I loveeeeeeeddd the's fantaaaaaaaaaastiiickk   - twitter -  Jan 8th, 2017
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: Just with one single show in Mumbai of GPSK @DirKrish has been signed by 4 companies in Mumbai ..Hey krish I am jealous   - twitter -  Jan 8th, 2017
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: A very big corporate company saw GPSK whole film in Mumbai and are buying both national nd international rights for a whopping price   - twitter -  Jan 8th, 2017
•  rgv’s rowdy no 150 poster going viral   - tollywoodnet -  Jan 8th, 2017
•  RGV’s Rowdy No 150 Poster   - moviearts -  Jan 8th, 2017
•  RGVzoomin@twitter:   - twitter -  Jan 8th, 2017
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: Mega Star's fan made Poster   - twitter -  Jan 8th, 2017
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: People who live in glass houses should not throw stones at others --Bhagavadgeetha   - twitter -  Jan 7th, 2017
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: Absolute Failures in life criticising others Is like blowing wind with one's mouth against a hurricane---Franklin Foer   - twitter -  Jan 7th, 2017
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: Love for one's own undeserving family members will be destructive to oneself----Damon Wayans   - twitter -  Jan 7th, 2017
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: God gave so many positives to chiranjeevigaari's family like Pawan,Charan,Sai Dharam ,Varun, Bunny nd to balance he gave Naga Babu gaaru   - twitter -  Jan 7th, 2017
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: I sincierley apologise to all chiranjeevigaari's fans for the inconvenience caused by Naga Babu ..I apologise on his behalf too..sorry!   - twitter -  Jan 7th, 2017
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: Goodnight Chiranjeevigaaru   - twitter -  Jan 7th, 2017
•  RGVzoomin@twitter: Chiranjeevigaaru out of respect for u I will stop tweeting now .please advise him to keep quiet or I will start tweeting actual main things   - twitter -  Jan 7th, 2017
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